Current Opportunities

Earlham Institute
Postdoctoral Genome Biologist

Salary: £31,625 - £38,575

The Earlham Institute is a member of the Darwin Tree of Life Consortium which aims to sequence the genomes of all known species in the UK. This position is to analyse data from the protist genome sequencing component of this endeavour.

Post: 1003786
Posted: 16 Oct 2019
Closes: 17 Nov 2019

Salary: £31,625 - £38,575

Develop computational methods and pipelines to support genome assembly, annotation and data analysis of single celled eukaryotes.

Post: 1003777
Posted: 16 Oct 2019
Closes: 17 Nov 2019

Salary: £31,625 - £38,575

Join a break-through technology project entitled “A Pathway to the Exploitation of Epigenetic Variation in UK, US And International Breeding Programmes”.

Post: 1003647
Posted: 7 Oct 2019
Closes: 4 Nov 2019

Salary: £31,625 - £38,575

The Senior Project Manager (SPM) will join the Project Management Team within the Genomics Pipelines Group at the Earlham Institute and provide project management support to the Genomics Pipelines and Core Bioinformatics Groups.

Post: 1003792
Posted: 27 Sep 2019
Closes: 24 Oct 2019
NBI Partnership

Salary: £17,316 - £17,316*

The role provides a support function to the Institutes (JIC, EI and TSL) to ensure that the Institutes are given a high level of Janitor/Porter service and assists with the caretaking of the buildings.

Post: 1003794
Posted: 10 Oct 2019
Closes: 23 Oct 2019