Non-Executive Directors
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Non-Executive Directors
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Closing Date
25 Feb 2021
Starting Salary
£5,000 - £5,000
Hours per week
Months Duration

Job Description

Main Purpose of the Job

Earlham Enterprises Ltd is looking for two Non-Executive Directors to join and strengthen its Board and welcomes applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds, including:
• Commercialisation and translation of research
• IP management
• Genomics
• Bioinformatics and computational biology
• Agri-tech and agri-food sector
• Biomedical and medtech sector

Key Relationships

Working closely with fellow board members and EI directorate staff.

Main Activities & Responsibilities

To ensure that the company complies with its constitution and articles, corporate company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
To ensure that the company establishes and pursues its vision and mission.
To ensure that the company uses its resources exclusively in furtherance of its commercial purposes which are benefiting the Earlham Institute Group.
To use their professional skills to the best of their ability, and where appropriate take appropriate professional advice in all matters where there may be material risk to the company.
To ensure sound financial management of the company’s operations and investments and ensure that funds are used appropriately to support the company and Group’s objectives.
To contribute actively to the Board’s role in providing advice on strategy, policy, the overall target-setting and evaluation of performance and, in doing so, support the Earlham Institute to set the strategy for the Business Development and Impact Group.
To safeguard the Earlham Institute and its Group’s reputation and values and to understand, be committed to, and actively promote its core objectives.
To avoid any personal conflicts of interest and to observe the Group’s conflict of interest policy.
To prepare for, and participate in Board meetings and actively contribute to decision-making at such meetings.
To attend at least three Board meetings per year.
To support colleagues on the Board in carrying out their duties and use any specific knowledge and experience to help the Board reach sound decisions.

Person Profile

Education & Qualifications

Strong background in one of the following sectors: research commercialisation / IP management / Agri-tech or agri-food / biomedical or medtech

Specialist Knowledge & Skills

Awareness of, and sensitivity to, the political environment in which the Group is operating
Strategic and creative thinker
Sound understanding of the technological and business environment related to their area of expertise
Commitment to maintaining strict confidentiality concerning all Group matters that are not in the public domain
Ability to assimilate and interpret wide-ranging types of information, including financial information
An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of directorship and, specifically, its responsibility to set and monitor the strategic direction of the organisation, compared with the executive functions of staff for implementing strategy

Relevant Experience

Have experience of a commercial area of practice
Have experience as a member of executive or non-executive relevant boards or committees, or senior management teams

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Ability to work as a member of a team
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Additional Requirements

Attention to detail
Promotes equality and values diversity
Willingness to devote up to 10 days per year to fulfil the role

Who We Are

Earlham Institute

Earlham Institute is a vibrant, contemporary research institute and registered charity, working in an area of rapid technological development and innovation.

Earlham Institute is strategically funded by the BBSRC to lead the development of a skill base in bioinformatics and a genomics technology platform for UK bioscience. The Institute is located on the Norwich Research Park, together with its partners: the John Innes Centre, the Institute of Food Research, The Sainsbury Laboratory, the University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. The research park has an excellent reputation for research in plant and microbial sciences, interdisciplinary environmental science and food, diet and health, to which Earlham Institute contributes strengths in genomics and bioinformatics. Close links exist between the NRP partners and new opportunities for collaboration in exciting new initiatives are under development. The NRP recently received £26M of government investment to facilitate innovation and further develop infrastructure to attract science and technology companies to the Park to enhance the vibrant environment and realise economic impact from research investment.

Earlham Institute is a UK hub for innovative Bioinformatics through research, analysis and interpretation of multiple, complex data sets. It hosts one of the largest computing hardware facilities dedicated to life science research in Europe. This has been boosted recently by an e-Infrastructure grant to expand the data storage capacity to a multi-petabyte unit, deploying a high performance cluster and large-memory server enabling the allocation of processes requiring several terabytes of computing memory.

Earlham Institute’s state of the art DNA sequencing facility operates multiple complementary technologies for data generation that provide the foundation for analyses furthering our fundamental understanding of genomes and how they function. We aim to be at the forefront of technological advances and are developing and implementing technologies to generate and analyse new types of data. We also develop novel platforms to provide access to computational tools and processing capacity for multiple academic and industrial users and promoting applications of computational bioscience. Earlham Institute has one fully owned subsidiary, Genome Enterprise Ltd (GEL) via which it offers genomic and bioinformatics services on a trading basis and works with commercial providers on a partnership basis. Earlham Institute also receives specific funding to enable knowledge exchange programmes which are supported across the institute teams.




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Earlham Enterprises Ltd provides high quality genomic and computational research services to  small  and  medium  sized companies  as  well  as  large  international  organisations.  It  is  a wholly  owned  subsidiary  of  the  Earlham  Institute,  a  vibrant research  institute applying computational and data driven approaches to advance and enable bioscience.

Based on the Norwich Research Park, Earlham Institute is part of a bioscience cluster with an excellent reputation in plant and microbial sciences, interdisciplinary environmental sciences, food, diet and health.

Earlham Enterprises Ltd is a vehicle for translating Earlham Institute research and utilising its infrastructure to provide contract research, deliver specialist services and consultancy.

We are passionate about translating our research and expertise into applications that can deliver solutions to industrial challenges in global food security, improving human, animal and plant health, and realising impact for charity, conservation and environmental sectors.

Earlham Enterprises Ltd is looking for two Non-Executive Directors to join and strengthen its Board and welcomes applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds, including:
•    Commercialisation and translation of research
•    IP management
•    Genomics
•    Bioinformatics and computational biology
•    Agri-tech and agri-food sector
•    Biomedical and medtech sector

Previous experience as an executive or non-executive board member, or a member of a senior management team is desirable, along with commercial experience. Anyone who comes onto the Board will need to be highly experienced in their field of specialism, fiercely curious and engaged with what we do. You will help ensure that our strategy and governance is shaped in a way that furthers our research activities and realises its impact. You will be a credible leader and ambassador, and use strategic leadership skills, business acumen, together with integrity, to grow Earlham Enterprises Ltd.

You will need to be prepared to devote at least 10 days per year to the role.

If you believe that you can make a significant contribution to Earlham Enterprises Ltd, and you can give the necessary commitment, please see the candidate brief on our website at

Application  is  by  CV  and  up  to  two-page  supporting  statement,  which  should  be  sent  to by 12pm on Thursday 25 February 2021. Interviews to take place Friday 12 March and Monday 15 March 2021.